Hours of Operation

7am-6pm | Monday – Friday

8am-4pm | Saturday

10am-6pm |Sunday


We know how stressful it can be trying to find a suitable place where your pets can stay and be well cared for while you are away. Barrington Pet resort puts your mind at ease with exceptional pet care services in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. All of our staff are certified pet care technicians and certified in pet first aid. Our goal is to make your furry family member’s stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Lodging Accommodations

We make it our goal to make your pets stay something they can bark and meow home about. Whether it’s playtime in our yard or with our professional staff, dinner just the way they like it, pampering time in our grooming room, or a bed time treat before they go to sleep at night, we have all the details of professional care covered. When your pet is at our home, they are family.
Do you need breakfast or dinner
to be provided by us?

We now feed Pet Wants!

Why Pet Wants?

We have always been passionate about animals. Our long history of care for our clients’ pets and mission to educate our community on the best pet practices, training and healthy pet lifestyles is something that we are really proud of.

When we learned about the Pet Wants brand, we felt it the necessary next step to provide the best nutrition for the animals that we care for at this resort.

Offering a “delivered fresh” dietary choice to our community is something that we instantly felt we aligned to.

Now we can offer the highest quality, freshest, slow cooked, nutrient rich, small batch dog and cat food to our guests.

Plus we offer many other healthy supplements, balms and nutritional treats to assist with your pet(s) overall health, enjoyment and well being.

Please feel free to ask us about Pet Wants. We would love to tell you more!

Dog Lodging

  • Rooms are Air Conditioned & Heated
  • Quilted Bedding
  • Privacy
  • Able to Keep More Than 1 Dog in a Room if Requested
  • Individual Outdoor Potty Area
  • Let Out 4 Times Daily
  • Main Feeding in the Morning
  • Additional Feedings Upon Request at No Charge

Please place each meal portion in an individual baggie and label with your pet’s name.

We cannot accept any foods that need to be cooked, thawed, frozen, or refrigerated.

(Medication can be given for an additional fee.)

Cat Lodging

  • Private Condo
  • Clean Litter Daily
  • Clean Bedding Daily
  • Shelf & Scratching Post
  • More Than 1 Cat Can Be Boarded Together If Requested
  • High Quality Kibble
  • Main Feeding is in the Morning.
  • Additional Feedings Upon Request at No Charge

(Medication can be given for an additional fee.)

Day Care or Day Lodging

When you are at work or taking on daily responsibilities, let your dog come play with us!

We have a ½ acre fenced grassy area in which we take your dog along with a few other dogs for a 15 minute play session.

Dogs are taken out together based on size and temperament and are constantly supervised by a staff member.

We will give your dog the play time and attention they need. 

Dog Spa

Renowned groomers Dan & Maria Weiler have over 40 years of grooming experience.

Our Spa will make your pup look and feel  their very best.

Whether your furry friend is getting nails done, beard trimmed or a just a nice clean bath to feel all fresh and spruced up… Your pup will be excited to show you their new look when you come to pick them up.

Our groomers are happy to have a consultation with you regarding any concerns or special grooming needs your pets may have.

Give us a call and make your furry friend a spa  appointment today


Full Groom

  • Bath
  • Brush out
  • Hand blow dry
  • Nail trimming (or filing upon request)
  • Ear cleaning
  • Plucking
  • Paw/pad trimming
  • Anal glands expressed (upon request)
  • Professional hair cut as requested

Prices will vary depending on type of dog and condition of coat.

Please call for rates.

Spruce-up Bath

Shampoo and towel dry (rather than blow dry),

Optional nail trimming or filing.

Performed by a kennel technician, these baths are best suited for breeds without a long or heavy coat.

$14 for small dogs
$20 for medium to large dogs
$25 for extra large dogs

Nail Clip Only

We offer stand alone nail clipping or filing services.

$10 If you’re booking these services in conjunction with day care or boarding,

Our spa stays busy year around, so please make your reservation in advance to reserve your furry friend’s spot on our schedule.

PLAYTIME & Activities

Play Time

We have a ½ acre fenced grassy area on which we take your dog out for a 15 minute walk/play session. This special time allows your dog to have individualized attention. Playtime pictures are often posted on our Facebook Page.

Group Play Time

A 15 minute play session where dogs are taken out together based on size and temperament and are constantly supervised by a staff member. Group Playtime pictures are often posted on our Facebook Page.

Cat Play Time

A 15 minute play session where your kitty can roam free and have some fun with one of our friendly professional staff members.  So don’t forget to bring your furry feline’s favorite toy along with you when you book their stay with us!

Kuranda Bed Rental

Your pet will be given a raised cot in addition to the lambskin rug.

Bedtime biscuit

Your dog will receive an organic treat before bed time.

Tuna Time Snack

Your cat will receive a fresh can of tuna for a lip smacking treat.