Did you know that there are a few little secrets that your dog walker shares with your dog? Don’t worry, they don’t tell us about your vocal performances in the shower…but they do let us know a few things about themselves, and we share a few secrets with them too!


Secrets Your Dog Shares


The dogs share your usual walking route and favorite games.

From the very first day, your dogs tell us which way you usually walk. They instantly lead us on the path that you follow for your daily trips through the neighborhood. We get a tour of the daily spots they like to visit to check their pee-mail and what sights they like to see in the neighborhood.  They also have a way of telling us to play.  We easily pick up on what their favorite toys are and exactly how they like to play with them.

They let us know how they are feeling that day.

We also get to know how much energy they have on any given day. Sometimes they are super energetic and love to walk fast. Other days they are more inclined for a stroll. Then there are days where they are extremely playful.  Occasionally, they want more cuddles than anything else. These are the days that we know they are missing their best friend (you) more than usual and need a little extra TLC and comforting. Even though we have a lot of fun while you are away, some days it’s more apparent that they are missing you. After all, you are their #1 pal in life.  As dog walkers, we get a feel for their mood when we arrive, and they let us know just what they are up for that day.


Some of Our Secrets (Shhh!)


We carry on full conversations with your pups, and sometimes they talk back.

Your pup’s day at home can get really quiet, so when we walk in the door, we frequently greet them with a friendly “hello.”  They greet us with lots of tail wags and butt wiggles, and we tell them how handsome or beautiful they are and how we’ve been looking forward to our walk that day.

We love your dogs, but we secretly love the exercise, too.

What’s great about being a dog walker is that we really love getting the exercise along with your dog. Not only do we get to spend time with our favorite canines, we get to skip the gym because we’ve gotten in our steps for the day.

Your pet also becomes like family to us because we spend a lot of quality time with them.

It’s not unusual for us to get pretty fond of your pet. After all, we do get to see them every day (or very often) and spend time cuddling and caring for them. We have a special bond, they know even when their best friend and companion isn’t there, that we will show up to help care for them. They become like a second family to us. We share a little bit of ourselves with them every day and look forward to our time with your pets.


It is a lot of fun being a dog walker. There are a lot of little secrets we share with your pets while we care for them day in and day out. We get into our own routines and play games, cuddle and talk, and we are extremely thankful that you let us into their lives to help care for them!